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Our small business has grown out of Guelph and the surrounding area for the last 15 years. As a proud member of the community, safety is our top priority throughout every season. We proudly employ members of our community who are properly and safely trained on all equipment, with a focus on attention to detail. We take the utmost pride in our workmanship and ensure the finished product meets your needs. 

The Carter Group is a transparent company, we believe integrity is an essential building block in business and therefore are forth coming about every cost prior to engagement. 

We rely on strong communication prior to, and throughout the entire project, to solidify your vision. Our office hours from 7:00 am- 5:00 pm Monday to Friday give ample time to address any changes you may want to implement. While communication is key, we take extra precautions to ensure that your information remains private to you!

Go about your days knowing your in good hands with the Carter Group

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